Title of specialization
Attainable qualifications
Aviation Engineer (with engineer degree) Engineer + CPL + ME-IR + MCC-JOC + UPRT + ATPL theory 4 term 120
Aviation Specialist Specialist + CPL + ME-IR + MCC-JOC + UPRT + ATPL theory 4 term 120

COURSE START (in case of min. 5 applicants)

  1. semester                                                         APPLICATION FORM (application deadline: january 14. 2024.)


The course’s objective is to train qualified professionals with comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in aviation engineering and piloting, who will fulfill the pre-requisites of a co-pilot / first officer position at European airlines without any major additional training. The theoretical courses with the support of the professors of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Engineering will provide a deeper understanding of aviation engineering than the modular ATPL theory courses. The practical training is carried out with an airline oriented perspective by instructors with airline background and active airline pilot instructors, familiar with the standards of modern commercial air transport, organized by our partner ATO. To conclude the courses, additional to the degree thesis, the relevant commercial pilot exams of the National Aviation Authority must be passed as well. 

Attaining the qualifications an “Aviation Engineer”/"Aviation Specialist" is able to:

  • Fly as Pilot-in-Command on Single Engine and Multi Engine Piston class, Single Pilot airplanes
  • Fly as Co-pilot / First Officer on Multi Pilot airplanes  


BSc or equivalent diploma in the following faculties:

  • engineering technology
  • information technology
  • agricultural engineering
  • public administration
  • law enforcement
  • military
with engineering specialization for Engineer level, or other BSc or equivalent diploma for Specialist level. (Conditions may apply for Specialist entry, please contact our service desk for details.)

Additional requirements:


  • Fluent English (state recognized intermediate level or higher)
  • or TOEFL IBT min. 80/120 points


  • unrestricted EASA Part-MED Class 1 medical certificate


The Aviation Engineer and Aviation specialist qualifications do not entitle to perform professional aircraft piloting activities. A Commercial pilot license that entitles to the activity of piloting an aircraft can be obtained by passing a successful theoretical and practical exam in the examination system accredited by the Transport Authority.

 For detailed description, download our brochure. If you need further information or you are interested in this course, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!