Recently, Students can work on the following topics in our Department:

Supervised by Dr. Árpád VERESS:

  • Developing CFD simulation methods for invers design and optimization processes
  • Combustion process simulation and investigation in gas turbine combustion chambers
  • Numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise, and developing reduction opportunities
  • Virtual prototypization processes for turbomachinery equipments and components
  • Numerical simulation of airflow around turboprop aircraft
  • Applicability of engineering computations in industrial environment

Supervised by Dr. Balázs GÁTI:

  • Effects of non-linear material properties for aeroelasticity
  • Experimental investigation of significantly deforming all wing aircraft motion
  • Flight parameter reconstruction of  aircraft by using primary and secondary radar log
  • Investigation of UAV take-off – landing parameters and instationer supporting effects

Supervised by Andras Nagy:

  • Using innovative technologies in flight simulators
  • Investigation on measuring pilot's mental state, workload management in cockpit