A few International projects from the last years

CREATING (Concepts to Reduce Environmental impact and Attain optimal Transport performance by Inland NaviGation (EU FP6 – STREP), a tanszék részéről témavezető: Dániel Hadházi) Budapest, 2004 – 2007.

EPATS – European Personal Air Transportation System (EU FP6 Projekt),  2007 – 2008

SINBAD - Safety Improved with a New concept by Better Awareness on airport approach Domain (EU  FP6 projekt),  2007 – 2010

NELI - Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions, EU – SEE projekt, 2009 - 2011

SATS-Rdmp (Small Aircraft Transportation System Roadmap - EU FP7 projekt), 2010-2012

A2-Net-Team - Advanced Aircraft Network for Theoretical & Experimental Aeroservoelastic Modeling, FP7-IRSES Projekt , 2011-2014

ESPOSA -  Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft (EU FP7 Projekt), 2011 - 2014

Move It! – Modernisation of Vessels for Inland waterway freight Transport (EU FP7 Projekt) 2011-2014

INNOVATIVE – Associate Partner of the SESAR JU, Lot 5: Modelling, support, validation, 2011-2014

ATM-FUSION Lot 6 Integration of UAV into the SESAR, SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) Project 2011 – 2014